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Ralph "Quentin" Brown

Quentin has been in ministry as a Pastor since 1977.

He started off taking classes for being an exhorter, then minister and then was licensed as a ordained minister through the Pentecostal Church of God.  


He first served as a Youth Minister, then became the Youth Pastor for the State of Florida, Evangelist, Teacher, and Assistant Pastor in Florida, then Sr. Pastor in Alabama and grew the church from 8 people to 200. He also served as the Bishop over the State of Alabama with the Pentecostal Church of God.

He was an Assistant Pastor at a Pentecostal Holiness Church and then helped pioneer another Pentecostal Holiness Church in Ocala, FL. 

Quentin has a heart for people to equip them to bring the Kingdom of God here on earth.



Portia LaVigne - Brown

Inner Healing Prayer Minister

Portia has been a successful Life & Health Insurance Agent since 1986. She has helped many people in the Recovery Community for 46 years and she asked Jesus to come into her life in 1992. In her 50's she got healed of many childhood trauma's and went for Inner Healing with a Christian Inner Healing Prayer Ministry.  it had such a profound change in her that she wanted to help others. Portia graduated the Elijah House Prayer Ministry School at the Rosewood Apostolic Center in DeLand, FL and continued as an Inner Healing Prayer Minister in Lake Mary, FL. She also ran workshops on breaking Generational Strongholds and bringing Generational Blessings down through the family line. She is a Mixed Media Artist and her vision is to combine Inner Healing with Creativity and is a Spirit Filled Worshiper through the arts. Her heart is to bring Heaven here on Earth through worshipping through music, flagging and Creativity in the Arts.

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